Looking for a large holiday home?

January 2021

Looking for a large holiday home?

Planning a family celebration? Whether it's a 'big' birthday, an anniversary, or simply just revelling in what we took for granted and your family is coming back together again; Dunstan Hall has got it covered.

Jude and I have been connected with Dunstan Hall for the last three seasons, as we also run a housekeeping company. We absolutely know that literally hundreds of families have enjoyed the space and opportunity that this restored Grade II* property presents. It sleeps eighteen, has five bath/shower rooms, plus two extra loos. The dining room easily accommodates eighteen, there's a living room, music room (with grand piano), breakfast room with Aga and the top floor has a large TV lounge, with table football! The grounds are expansive and just begging to be explored; we're probably biased but, it probably represents the opportunity for the best game of 'hide and seek' ever and that's before you start on the proximity to some of the best beaches in the country!

Here's our top tips if you're the chief organiser:-

Before arrival ...

  • Have a chat with us at https://beachandquiet.co.uk and let us know about your celebration. We can then chat to you about whether you would like your special meal catered, or to book a meal at a local gastro pub, would like to book a photographer to come and capture the moment for you, would you like flowers, local musicians etc etc!? Do have a chat with us as some of the local gastro pubs have an arrangement with us, so you can receive a complimentary glass of fizz on arrival. The photographer is happy to work at The Hall or on the beach.

  • Book any activities for during your stay - we can help with suggestions.

  • Take a look at our video to understand the flow of the The Hall and work out who will sleep where! Ask us if you require a cot or any clarification.

  • There's parking for a number of cars, probably up to eight, depending on their size and if you park in tandem.

  • Make yourself a plan of the sleeping arrangements

On the first day ...

  • Arrive first and put a little note on each door - let the children run around and find their room! (Just note that two of the bedrooms, are accessed via other bedrooms, so effectively form adjoining family rooms.)

  • Schedule a supermarket delivery for just after your arrival, but before the rest of the party, so everything is away before the rest of the family arrive.

  • Make sure you put the fizz in the fridge!

Enjoy making memories!